Services I provide

Cloning and Imaging


I help you set up and use your system in a way that will be easy for you to keep your system in a un-compromised state at all times.  It requires that you save all your documents and pictures to drive D.  I need your willingness and attention effort to save your data and pictures to a safer location.

Solid State Hard drive


 We can update your system to windows 10 by installing a new solid state hard drive and installing windows 10 on your system as a second boot option.  If you remove your data from drive C on windows 7 then you can ease your way into windows 10 this way.

More on a D drives

New system purchases


I will transparently shop for you.  I charge a flat hourly rate and a 2% fee.  I also will set your systems up in your business.  I will come to meetings and find out from your work-group what they need and get buy in for what I want to do for your business. 

Buy New or Restore Evaluation


I will help you evaluate your system and its  value.   So often if you do have a image of your system and ists setup it can deterime wether it does have value or if its worth doing a total re-install and setup of your OS.    40% of people still use windows 7 - they are talking about extended support.   I set your windows 7 systems  so they are easy to update when the time comes.   

Picture / Data Extraction from old drives


Paid virus protection is a requirement.   I offer yearly virus protection with Norton Antivirus.  

File and Print sharing for all windows versions


I setup peer to peer networks.   Its best to have a central place for all your files.   You can find them and then you know they are backed up.   Having files scattered all over the office creates kayoss.    I work with NAS storage devices and other methodes of centralizing files.